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Convert Jupyter notebook into web page using fastpages

Jupyter notebook is a huge boon to programmers, particularly who write in Python and are into Data Science. You get to enjoy writing code in a web-based, interactive environment where you have your code along with its output, combined with mathematical expressions, texts, visualisations, images and other rich media. It is really convenient to read so many different stuff of various formats all in one single file.

I'm definitely a fan of Jupyter notebook. I use it to write code for machine learning, play with data, visualise data, plot graphs and what not. Notebooks can easily be shared with people just like any other file but what if you want to create a blog post or an article out of your notebook? The good news is it is possible to convert a notebook into a web page using fastpages. This way your notebook becomes digestible for non-technical people who might otherwise have turned off by the presence of code cells or the need to run the notebook to see the results. There are othe…

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