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Beautify your Linux Terminal

I have been using Ubuntu 16.04 LTS instead of the pre-installed Windows 10 OS on my laptop for almost a year now. Ubuntu is a Linux distribution based on the Debian architecture and its default desktop environment is Unity. Both Ubuntu and Unity is developed by Canonical Ltd. As they now want to strongly focus on cloud and IoT, the CEO and Founder of Canonical Ltd., Mark Shuttleworth, in 2017 announced that they would shift from Unity to GNOME desktop interface for Ubuntu 18.04 LTS release and will also discontinue Ubuntu for phones. Among other distributions, Ubuntu is the most popular OS running on clouds and servers.

If you're someone who writes computer programs, has to maintain a server, want to hack into a system or just enjoy playing with open source software, then you must consider installing Linux. You would really enjoy what it offers. I choose Ubuntu because of its huge userbase and its great repository of free, open source software.

Various tasks such as installing an…

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