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How popular is divide and conquer?

Divide and conquer strategy is as popular as Taj Mahal is in India. It's a very powerful strategy and is extensively used by elite people and political leaders to control masses in such a way that the common people don't unite and rebel against them. It is also known as divide and rule.

Remember, how the British were turfed out of India. If we look at it simply, it was possible only because of people then coalesced into a large group with a common goal to drive the British out of India and set the nation free. The strategy that people implemented to unite was opposite of the divide and rule strategy that British people have always used. The British presumed that if the mass of the population gets united, it would pose a problem for them. Therefore, they divided people which led them to conquer their problem. It kept people busy fighting among themselves and focus on the real enemy got diverted.

The Mughal Empire (1526 - 1707) was booming when the British came to India in 1600.…

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