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Made a diary app with Django

Django is a Python-based web framework. Most of the files that you will edit or create in your Django project will be Python files, even the settings file is a Python file. Django extensively uses Python data structures like dictionaries, lists and tuples. It has many cool features and built-in functionalities that can make your job of building a web app really easy. There are hundreds of apps built with Django and tons of libraries or components built to work with Django. They are all open sourced. Therefore, you can use them in your own Django app to add certain functionalities. Like I used the social-auth-app-django to get the social login feature up on my app without having to write any code from scratch. The community is rich, you just have to explore deep enough to get what you want. My interest in Django came after I started learning Python. I wanted to build a web app and knew there are two web frameworks in Python that are Flask and Django. I began learning Flask and made a …

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