Adda and Ganga

We all need escapism between our daily work and life. And, what could be better than spending a bright Sunday on a cruise voyaging along the Kolkata stretch of the river Ganga. Mr. Santanu Banerjee of 10 Zing Tour Trail organised such an event today. He told me three weeks back about this and without thinking much I agreed to attend the event as I trust and have a good experience of his tour services.
When everything is going digital and online, when people are finding video-call conversations to be more comfortable than face-to-face conversations then me who spends most of the day in front of the computer screen still prefers to socialize, connect and meet with new people and finds face-to-face talks to be more soul connecting. Thanks to Santanu uncle for setting sharad adda session on the cruise. Click on any image to view in full screen

My father sang Rafi's "Sau sal pehle mujhe tumse pyar tha".


How to dive into programming?

OK. So, you've decided to start writing codes and want to solve problems with the help of computational power. But, before stepping into the world of programming, you must build a plan or say a "step-by-step procedure", that you must follow to go and grow further. Actually, to solve any kind of problem you must follow proper procedure to achieve the desired output. And, guess what? The definition of algorithm says so too, "An algorithm is a step-by-step procedure to solve a computational problem".

As I too believe Computer Science is for everyone. Hence, I wrote this post in such a manner so that anyone finds this to be helpful.
What does programming mean? In very simple terms, programming is the way by which humans instruct a computer to do a task or to solve a problem. Programming includes writing algorithms in any programming language (such as C, Java, Python, Perl etc.) so that a computer can interpret, understand and then, perform the instructed task.



Queue is a linear data structure like stack and linked list. It follows FIFO (First-in, First-out) or LILO (Last-in, Last-out) policy. It has two main operations - enqueue (insert element; can only be inserted at the rear of a queue) and dequeue (remove element; can only be removed from the front of a queue).

I have four USB storage devices each containing some data that I need to copy to hard drive. As an USB port can read data from a single device at a time, so I have organized them in a queue such that each device is served one after the other. Now as queue basically follows "First Come, First Serve" rule, therefore the device with index 0 being the first device to be placed in the queue must be served first and the last placed device with index 3 must be served at the last. This is how queue follows FIFO policy.

Like stack, queue can also be implemented by array and linked list.
Code for simple array implementation of queue:- We have used array in simple and usual manne…

Teachers are indispensable to good life.

When parents enroll their 3-4 years old, playful, naughty child in a kindergarten school then from there on an individual begins to interact with their "secondary" parents. The impact of those "secondary" parents and their impression on an individual's life are both irreplaceable and indispensable. Everyone knows them by the word - Teacher but I'm more satisfied in assigning them to be the parents of equal importance as of our real parents. They inspire and teach us to be what we want to be in the journey called Life. They help us to overcome hurdles we face. They tolerate our nuisance and punish us whenever needed. They care for us and, appreciate and feel proud of us when we achieve something good.

Well, I believe there can be no specific day to thank our gurus but still a mega celebration demands a special day.

And, today, 5th of September is their day, that special day to gift and thank them.

A sensible poem recitation by Swagata