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Muhammad Yunus's session at Tata Steel Kolkata Literary Meet 2018

"I wanted to change the entire banking system, which was flawed. I wanted to help poor people, that was the main idea" exclaimed the Nobel Peace Prize awardee and Microcredit pioneer Muhammad Yunus during a session on his new book "A World of Three Zeros" at Kolkata Literary Meet against the backdrop of the marvelous Victoria Memorial.
Literature festivals are a concoction of various sessions that comprise book launch events, interactive discussions and spicy debates. Since 2012, Kolkata Literary Meet is being organised every year in January on the grounds of Victoria Memorial and some sessions are held in Calcutta Club too.

Yunus talks about his mother on being asked by the session moderator - Mr. Subroto Bagchi. He highlights that despite the fact that his mother discontinued education after fourth standard, she knew about Gandhi, Jinnah and recited poetry to her children. Among nine siblings her mother had particular fondness for her third child, him, and he re…

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