My name is Mayukh Datta.

I'm an inquisitive Computer Science Engineering student. I write programs, read books, wander & take photos and love to pursue art. I have enthusiasm for plenty of stuff like AI, cyber security, politics and journalism. I'm learning daily bit by bit so that I can also contribute to make this world a better place not only for humans but for all organisms.

It was in 2015 when I was rewarded by Bytebx – an Online storage company – for the first time ever for reporting them a bug which I found in their service login systems. Later in 2017, I wrote an algorithm and got published it on GeeksforGeeks.

I love India & its diversity.
I abhor right-wing.
I've no room for religion & idolatry.
I believe in a 'power' & I call it 'God'.
I'm a liberal and a progressive human.
Global warming & wildlife
destruction concerns me.
I try my best to be kind, noble & loving :)
Jai Bhim.
Jai Hind.