My name is Mayukh Datta. I am from Howrah, a city very next to Kolkata, in West Bengal, India.

I'm a Computer Science Engineering student. I'm a curious learner. I write codes, wander and take photos, love to pursue art and enthusiastic about AI & cyber security.

I don’t have any faith in anthropomorphic gods. I’m a pantheist. I believe in the power of Nature and call it to be the God – The “universal” God.

First ever in 2015, I have been rewarded by Bytebx – an Online storage company, on reporting them a bug present in their service login systems.

Back to my childhood, when I was a kid I used to watch Discovery Network, Nat Geo and Animal Planet all the day long. I always had a deep interest in learning more about nature and wildlife. Hence, I would love to do something for or contribute something to the betterment of nature and wildlife. And, will always try to protect natural ecosystems from the clasps of extreme advancements in technology and from its harmful feedback.

I’m not active on Facebook.

Connect with me over Twitter and Instagram.

I also run a photography blog, Something Somewhere.

Follow this link to visit my personal website.

Happy Reading!

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