An algorithm written in C to print out the input number in large size

C program that receives a number and prints out in large size
Input a number and the program prints it in large size

Update (29 Aug 2017): has published this article on their website, here is the link.

I came across this problem yesterday from the book "Let us C" by Yashavant Kanetkar. On the first glance, I thought the problem to be tough enough for me to solve. After an hour or so, I went back and started thinking about it. I visualized the problem and hoped for the solution if I would use two-dimensional character array. Not letting a minute to pass, I took the pen and paper, and started shaping the algorithm.

On searching online for a good solution, I found none. Hence, I blogged this.

I recommend to try it of your own before moving to the solution.

Solution in C:-

I use CodeBlocks for C programming and advise you to use the same for running this program. Using any other software may corrupt the design (indentation) of this program's output.

If you found any error or have any query or have a better solution, let me know.