Paintings from Iran

I take photographs and post them regularly on Instagram. Many of my clicks have been featured by different photography channels/groups on Instagram (In a further blog post, I will showcase those featured images). But, this time I got rewarded in the best way possible, for what I do. Not with money but with love from an artist who lives far away from my country.

Few weeks back, A lady from Iran drew two of my clicked photographs. We follow each other on Instagram. She makes really good paintings. When I saw them I was in a complete state of awe and surprise.

Below are the two photographs that I took and posted:

something somewhere mayukh datta photography

something somewhere mayukh datta photography

Here, are the paintings she drew


A big thanks to her :)
Praises from me and India.


  1. Her paintings are really beautiful...and same goes for ur photography.

  2. Both of u have done a get job bro....nd her painting 😍😍😍

  3. I really appreciate the complement. You are talented. Your clicks attract me always:))))


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