Nulex: A New Programming Language by a Kolkata Startup

Nulex is a new programming language by a kolkata startup

There exist thousands of programming languages in the world and currently hundreds of them are in use by programmers, software developers, hackers and hobbyists. Programming languages can be classified into different categories such as Procedural programming language (C, FORTRAN), Functional programming language (JavaScript, Python), Database programming language (SQL), Object Oriented programming language (C++, Java, Python) and many more.

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Programming languages evolve and are improved with time. People take ideas from different languages and combine them into new languages. Some features are improved, some are added and some are removed.

W & E Corporation, this Kolkata startup has recently added a new programming language, Nulex, to the list of thousands.

What is Nulex?

Nulex is a new programming language by a kolkata startup

Nulex is a multi-paradigm programming language that supports object-oriented and functional programming styles. It is a loosely typed, interpreted language and is dynamic in nature.

The language has three versions:
  1. Nimo to write desktop applications.
  2. Nerd for Android development.
  3. Nester for Microchip development.
Currently, only Nimo is available. They will roll out the other two versions soon.

What are some cool things about Nulex?

  • As it is of dynamic nature, it can be very useful to work with AI.
  • Like Python, it does not need data-type declaration (loosely-typed language).
  • Newline character is optional.
  • It has three types of variables, public (as global), all and scope. Scope variable can be divided into local variables (as scope variable of a file ) and object variable (as scope variable of any object).
  • It can handle hardware of a computer with great ease.
  • It uses RAM and CPU resources very intensively.
  • It has some special data types, like array and pcon. The specialty of array is that it contains all other data types at once like string, integer, float, Boolean, function, object, pcon at the same time.
  • The pcon is the second type object of Nulex. It is a kind of object which can be stored at any storage for using next. It is developed for working with AI.

Some Examples:

  • Hello World program:

  • An array can contain all types of data. Here, an array contains a string, a function and a float value and then all the data is accessed by a for loop.

  • Nulex has a very smart GUI interface, which can be designed by the pcon data type.
    Nulex is a new programming language by a kolkata startup
Nulex is a new programming language by a kolkata startup
Nulex is a new programming language by a kolkata startup

  • It has some ordinary library for working with an embedded system like IOT technology, signal analyzing, accessing the serial port, sound analyzing, image processing, etc.
    Nulex is a new programming language by a kolkata startup
Nulex is a new programming language by a kolkata startup

Nulex is a new programming language by a kolkata startup

You can get all the codes of the above demos on their website.

As they promised that Nulex can work with AI, Embedded systems, IOT and can develop desktop and android applications and can program microchips. I expect Nulex to make a great success. A single programming language capable of doing so many different things might not be an inferior option to choose.

Go to their website to learn more, read tutorials and to download IDE for Nulex.

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  1. Looks like a greatly useful addition to the programming multiverse. Thanks for the constant informations you provide about the ever-changing world. Kudos Coducer, Kudos Nulex !

  2. I will try this out. Looks interesting.

  3. It is so knowledgeable information about languages and thanks for explaining so nicely..mayukh

  4. Can you provide me links to nulex’s tutorial?

    1. Tutorials can be found here

  5. Yes, it is much like Python. Thanks, Mayukh, for the information. 🙂

  6. It’s really very Impressive and knowledgeable, very nicely explained and presented.

  7. Why have you introduced yet another language? What special advantage do we get in Nulex over other available programming languages in the market?

    1. Hi. I found Nulex to be interesting because it promises to work with many different things (as I have stated in my blog). It much like Python. Well, I love Python.


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