New Easter Egg from Google: How to play the Atari Breakout game on Google’s about us page?

google new easter egg blog post by mayukh datta

Struggling through learning data structures this afternoon, I decided to take a break. I searched Google for “ted ed youtube channel” to watch few videos there. I was just about to migrate to YouTube, but instead I casually opened the Google’s about us webpage. Noticed that the page’s design has got revised, I scrolled and then I got to see this –
google new easter egg blog post by mayukh datta
(A GIF screenshot from the page) This is a showcase of trending keywords or terms which people are searching on Google, the most.

I went away from my laptop for a while. When I returned back, I was surprised to see my father playing the Atari Breakout game on the Google’s about us page. Literally, I was shocked! I asked him that how did he start playing it and the reply was so unsatisfying, he said that any accidental click launched it. After many trials and errors, I finally got the answer. I even searched Google to lookup for if there are any blogs or websites informing about this new Easter egg but found none, so I took the initiative to publish one.

OK. So, how to play this Atari Breakout game?

  1. Follow this link to go to Google’s about us page –
  2. Scroll down until you see something like the above GIF/image
  3. Now, with your attentive eyes wait for – “Take a break” phrase to appear
  4. As soon as it appears click on it and you shall be playing Atari Breakout
  5. Note: Currently it works only on computers and not on mobile devices.

Another known kind of Atari Breakout Easter egg from Google is:-

  1. Google Search “atari breakout”
  2. Click on the Images tab
  3. And, then play hard!
google new easter egg on about us page

Few of my other favorite Easter eggs from Google:-

  1. Search “zerg rush” and see what happens.
  2. Search “pacman” and play the pacman game.
  3. Search “flip a coin” and Google flips a coin for you!
  4. Gravity can pull the Google search page down and break it into components –  (follow this link)
  5. Google Teapot. Follow this link – and tap the teapot there to pour tea.
  6. To spin a fidget, search for “spinner”.
  7. The T-Rex game. Don’t get bored when your internet connection is not working. Hit the space-bar, and the game starts. Save the dinosaur from colliding with obstacles.
  8. Play Tic-Tac-Toe. Search “tic tac toe”.
  9. Want to play Solitaire, search “solitaire”.
  10. Try searching “spin dreidel”.
  11. Try searching “roll a die”.
  12. Recursion is a programing term meaning a function that calls back itself. Try searching “recursion”.
  13. On searching “google in 1998”, it will tack you back to Google’s 1998 version.
  14. Want to carry out a barrel roll. Then, try searching “do a barrel roll”.

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