Don’t force Nature to prove her phenomenal superiority.

Have you ever cared about littering a garden or a park, whose limitless green beauty sets up a perfect atmosphere for you and your other half?

Have you ever cared about cutting down trees, demolishing parts of forests in order to give birth to skyscrapers and factories?

Have you ever cared about exploiting natural resources beyond the limits of safety?

Have you ever cared about refining technologies to such a scale when it poses a threat to the environment?

Have you ever cared about installing a tap to the continuously unnecessarily flowing water pipe on the street?

Have you ever cared about turning off the device that gives us peace, when in a room no sensible absorbers are present to have the sweet air molecules?

If you are wondering that why should you even care about these petty things. I request you to invest time and effort to reincarnate your thinkology. As they say “Change is the only constant”, the good times of today may not transcend to your tomorrows.

Keeping the area or surroundings clean where you live actually benefits you. Boycotting and restricting the evildoers from shaving off trees will actually benefit you. Instead of contributing to pollution why not contribute in planting more and more trees. Try to use natural resources in a wise manner, because once exhausted will then again come back after millions of years, let’s save them for our future generations. Take care of the land, someday you will disintegrate and will be a part of it.

“Wasting money bites a human whereas wasting natural resources and energy doesn’t bite.”

May be because our understanding of wealth is being built on the very foundation of countability. And we just can never express the mysterious nature by digits.

We calculate, invent, discover so many diverse and different things but leaving very few of us, we have never gave a second thought on – “What will happen if our Earth bears an unbearable temperature?”, “What will happen if all the glaciers melts?”, “When the air will be saturated with hazards, how will our children breathe?”, “What will we do with all that huge digits in our bank balance if petals shed black, trees bleed and humans sublime?”.

And, to those super-precise and super-talented scientists, technologists and futurists thinking and researching to invent a super-device to overcome all sorts of difficulties. I have a little message to them – “Nature gave you the power, elements and components to explore, discover and invent. All you have is her blessings, so respect and try to protect her. Otherwise, it would be the worst if you force Nature to prove her phenomenal superiority.”

Already, Nature has been forced many a times in proving herself supreme, what else could she do, she weeps daily, after all she laid the first stones in building the universe with a hope of continuing with peace and understanding.

“Celebrate Earth Day! Plant a Tree, Plant a Life.”

Reviewed and Edited by Kushal Basu.

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